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Discover our suite of features suitable for your club.

Our Club Features

Pulse has a range of features to help you run your club in tip-top shape. From membership and loyalty features suitable for golf clubs, to poker machine management suitable for gaming lounges. Pulse also gives you the ability to manage ticketed events in your venue, making it ideal for hotel and function venues.

Total Membership and Loyalty

Retain your members and actively promote new memberships

Your greatest asset is your membership list. Our Total Membership and Loyalty feature is designed to promote and market to your membership database using interests, preferences and other tools through SMS and email.

It has online real time integration to reward and encourage members with loyalty points and tickets for purchases and promotions.

Foyer Game Kiosk

Displays advertising until a member swipes card and is greeted by their name and available loyalty points. The member has a chance to win more points and also has a birthday greeting with additional points. Tickets may be printed for prize vouchers and promotions.

Mobile Promotions

Station with wireless connection for poker machine and other special club promotions where pre-set wins and points are entered, sent directly to the member database points balance and are immediately redeemable at the ECR. Tickets may be printed for prize vouchers and promotions.

Gymnasium Membership

Controls casual and permanent usage of the facility. Membership is checked for both the club and gymnasium at reception workstation. Various management reports are produced.

Membership Database

Database contains all member details required and enables fast member entry for the reception desk. Photo ID is available with digital QuickCam camera and the member photo sits on main database and available on reception enquiry.


Marketing features can send emails and SMS to members directly from within the membership system. They can be triggered automatically to groups or individuals. Direct mail functionality is also available with barcoded Australian Post addressing, personalised letters and mail merge with Word.

Flexible Fee Structure

Multiple year memberships, part payments, and unlimited classifications and sub-clubs membership types are all flexible fee type structures.

Flexible Reporting

Some examples of the flexible reporting Pulse enables you to do are classification, gender, ceased members, sub-club, postcode, join date, financial status, suspension and birth date.

Employee Management

Keep track of your staff with intelligent employee management

From rostering, to timesheets, to reporting on productivity – there’s so much that’s needed to effectively monitor and manage staff members. Pulse Clubs has some of the best employee management features for your club.

Timesheet Details Entry

Interprets award requirements, automatic calculation of pays, automatic RDO hours, accumulates full pay details history, provision for split cost centres and enter start and finish meal times.

Rostering Module

Creates rosters from standard shifts, specific demand shifts, and employees with cyclic rosters.


Summary by employee, location, date, detailed tasks, pictorial reports by hours worked by employee by location, daily and in-advance costing reports. User defined by employee type, number, surname, cost centre and department order.

Record look-up functions

Employee list, rates and hours type can be accessed during transaction entry
automatic transfer of selected employee number, rate, hours, type to appropriate input. Employee history features records employment changes.

Financial Management

Gain insight into your business's finances

Implement Pulse’s financial management software and regain control over your accounting processes. Pulse specialise in the automated interpretation of the Registered and Licensed Club Award 2010 and can accommodate enterprise agreements found in the club industry.


This feature allows for multiple cashbooks, receipts from cash registers with under/overs accounted for, general receipts entered as cash or with details for cheques & credit card receipts, produces deposit lists, enter payments directly or automatically from accounts payable, bank reconciliation, and direct interface to general ledger with bank fees.

General Ledger

Automatic interfaces from accounts payable, cashbook, payroll, asset register, and accounts receivable. Other features include automatic standard journals & reversal batches, automatic transfer profit/loss to balance sheet, and automatic calculation of closing stock.


Flexible reporting means that changes in your venue, such as a new bar or function room, can be simple and pain-free to slot into your reporting as Pulse accounts for these changes. Report Writer produces user defined reports, produces graphs of selected management reports, exports reports to spreadsheets, provides for budget & prior year reporting, forward projection reporting using actual & budget figures, and allows for multiple year processing & reporting.

Asset Register

Two depreciation methods per asset, prime cost or diminishing value, depreciation, new additional and disposal of assets, transactions to the general ledger.

Accounts Payable

Date driven with batch controls, payments by cheque or direct banking, remittance advices by email.

Accounts Receivable

Includes invoicing and optional statements.


A system designed especially for golf clubs

Manage golf competitions, memberships, and online bookings via this feature. Gain access to a golf kiosk and touch screen to manage bookings and so much more! Pulse is an accredited Tier 3 Golflink software supplier.

Golf Competitions

Complete competition management with a Golflink accreditation leader board display, stroke stableford par eclectic, and fees collection scorecards separate social golf. It features an easy to use winner selection wizard, provides winners vouchers and ball comp results, and tracks member records of vouchers and balls won/redeemed prize costing listing. It also supports four ball team events mixed events, and championship events over multiple rounds select best games within range.

Membership Database

Subscriptions with flexible fee structure and photo ID in the member's history. It stores member cards, promotions sent via emails ans sms, lucky member and raffle draws and optional loyalty vouchers via the point of sale.

Golf Kiosk with Touch Screen

The touch screen kiosk enables member bookings and optional visitor bookings, player score entry and an optional 18-hole player score entry, previous competition results, and handicap enquiries.

Online Bookings

Members can book online via your website.

Functions Management System

Software to make function management easy

The Pulse Functions management system maintains functions and events held in venues. Some of it’s features include:

  • Main screen displays from one day to 12 weeks.
  • Mouse highlights function summary.
  • Wizard screen for phone bookings and recurring functions.
  • Double click for screens displaying venues, services, contacts, time table, staff and to do lists.
  • Detailed reporting by function, cost centres, date range, detailed function manifest.

Functions Ticketing System

Software to make functions tickets simple

Print tickets for designated functions and link them directly to a customer’s membership. Some of the system features include:

  • Integrates with function management
  • Venue layout designed through Microsoft Visio
  • Displays section, tables and seats available
  • Main sales screen displays active ticketed function
  • Second screen displays floor plan with available seats
  • Interfaces with membership
  • Names allocated to seats
  • Ticketing history exported to membership for promotions/marketing through email, SMS and mail
  • Seat allocation and financial reporting
  • Graphical ticket sales analysis.

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