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Pulse Software Updates

Pulse workspace version 4.6.78

By March 18, 2020No Comments

Pulse Workspace

Please note: version 4.6.75 thru 77 were for internal testing.

This update introduces our new icons and splash screen. Enjoy.

We have added a query string to our software download URL to force a page refresh. This ensures the latest version of our software is always downloaded irrespective of the state of the cache.

Golf Competitions

Golf Registration

Issues that occurred when attempting to register non-golflink players have been corrected.

Maintain Competitions

Either 18-hole or 9-hole courses may be selected for competitions of 10 to 15 holes…

  1. a competition of 10 – 15 holes played on an 18-hole course cannot be handicapped. It may however be transferred to a handicapped competition with a 9-hole course via Transfer Player Registrations.
  2. a competition of 10 – 15 holes may be played on a 9-holes courseĀ so long as the indexes have been defined on that course for the additional holes. Such competitions may be handicapped as a 9-hole competition.

Transfer Player Registrations

When transferring from one competition to another you are now required to select the course you are transferring from and to.

Golf scorecard 2020.2

This version introduces a new OMR scorecard, version 2020.2. This version is a refinement of the previous version. You need only upgrade to it when purchasing new cards.

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