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Pulse Software Updates

Pulse workspace version 4.6.74

By March 3, 2020No Comments

Club Membership & Golf Competitions

In this update we review the operation of our software when an INV_MEM_NO is returned in a Visitor Download request from Golflink.

Other than INV_GOLFLINK_NO which usually means an incorrect Golflink Number was entered, INV_MEM_NO is probably the most common Golflink error status code. It means that the Golflink record has been invalidated (discontinued) by the home club. This may happen, for example because the player has become unfinancial at their home club.

Golf Registration

A visitor with a Golflink Status that is not OK (INV_MEM_NO, for example) no longer produces two meaningless error messages. Rather a single meaningful error message is displayed.

New Member Entry

A Golflink lookup will no longer reports an Invalid Golflink Number if the lookup returns a INV_MEM_NO. You are now allowed to create a new member record for a golfer even if their record at the previous home club is invalid.

New member records created from Golflink records with an Invalid status will be set Valid when a full Home club transfer is performed.