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Feature Focus: Payroll, Enquiry Kiosks and Online Bookings

By December 1, 2020December 3rd, 2020No Comments

We all know Pulse can simplify sports club and hospitality business operations, whether it’s management of memberships and financials, or venue hire. But are you making the most of the many Pulse add-ons that could make life easier for your staff and customers?

This month we showcase two of our most popular modules – the Payroll and Rostering module and our Enquiry Kiosk module for golf clubs, which also enables online bookings.

Payroll and Rostering: Specialised timesheet options for clubs

Many clubs need to manage payroll and timesheets, whether for kitchen and bar staff or for club administrators.

Pulse’s ‘Payroll and Rostering’ module provides all the payroll functionality you would expect in a specialised sports club management system, along with detailed timesheeting functionality you won’t find in some other off the shelf payroll solutions.

“The reality of club management is that many paid team members work shifts, or on a casual basis,” says Mandy Caldwell, Professional Services Consultant at Jonas Leisure.

“Some other payroll applications are very limited in how they manage things like penalty rates and allowances, while others make applying them time consuming and difficult. Pulse was designed with clubs in mind and so this functionality was considered right from the outset.”

The Pulse module includes helpful rostering tools and built-in options that make it simple to administer penalty rates for those working early or late shifts, as well as broken shift allowances. It can generate reports that can help you understand who has been paid, and when, and makes setting different rates and payment periods easy.

As you would expect, the module supports single touch payroll, as required by the Australian Tax Office. This functionality is currently being future-proofed as part of an update due to be rolled out in the near future, to ensure it will comply with the additional data requirements being introduced by the ATO as part of its STP phase 2 programme of work.

“There are a range of payroll solutions available, but this is one of the only options that is truly catered for clubs,” Ms Caldwell says.

Enquiry Kiosk: Making online booking and scorekeeping simple for golf clubs

Golf Clubs across Australia use Pulse’s membership, competitions, financial and payroll modules to run their operations. This is often combined with the ‘GolfPak’ module to manage scorecards and take phone or face to face tee bookings.

“Pulse’s basic functionality is great, but one of the trends we’ve seen in recent months is that more and more members have come to expect online bookings,” says Ms Caldwell.

“The good news is that online bookings functionality is available in our Enquiry Kiosk module, which is used by a growing number of golf clubs across Australia.”

One of the big advantages of the Enquiry Kiosk module is its ability to enable online bookings, as well as bookings from a kiosk within the clubrooms or Pro Shop on-site, Ms Caldwell says. This provides convenience by letting members book from the comfort of home, and it can also help allay fears about COVID-19 or other viruses by reducing queuing and face to face contact.

Another benefit of the module is that it enables on-site kiosks to be paired with a special OMR Scanner – available from Pulse – that can scan players’ scorecards directly into Golf Australia’s GOLF Link handicapping system. Special scorecards are provided with the scanner, to enable the scanner to read them quickly and to make the process simple for users. These scorecards can be personalised with photos, club logos and local rules, to provide a professional look and add value for players.

“Having scannable scorecards available at your club saves time for players and club administrators, who would otherwise need to enter the scores in in manually,” Ms Caldwell says.

The Enquiry Kiosk module also allows members to look up a record of past games, book in for their next game, check their handicap, or read up on any club news you have added. Members can do this via an online portal, linked to your club’s web page, or from a physical kiosk you have made available in your club rooms or Pro Shop.

Want to upgrade?

If you want to know more about the Payroll and Rostering or Enquiry Kiosk modules, or any other modules available through Pulse, we can help. Send us an email or give us a call on +61 2 9906 7522 to discuss your club’s needs.

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